Dingsi (lord_dingsi) wrote in the_worlds_end,

Various Recs

Back in September, I claimed the Sandman fandom for hidden_treasure, which means you have to post at least three fic recs, twelve being the maximum, and up to four additional non-fic recs. I thought I could link them all in one post, so I won't spam your flist. Of course, Sandman fandom is relatively small, so I apologize if a) you already know all of these stories or b) you've seen the cross-post on IJ's the_dreaming.

The fic recs:

Small Fish, by Fay (gen - Dream, Death)

Shades, by Nyarth (slash - The Corinthian)

Dreams, Absent by qwerty (gen - Lucien)

And the extras: two fan arts, one essay, and one 3D fanart.

The general Sandman tag on hidden_treasure is http://asylums.insanejournal.com/hidden_treasure/tag/the+sandman . I'm also still using my del.icio.us account for Sandman-related bookmarks and did set up a WordPress reccing blog yesterday (does that make me obsessive? Won't somebody smack some sense into me? *shifty eyes*).

I hope you enjoy the read, and please leave a comment if one of the links doesn't work! :)

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