Dingsi (lord_dingsi) wrote in the_worlds_end,

Dream Doll and a Wallpaper

I'm certain some of you have seen these already, but then again, many others possibly haven't, and I want to spread Teh Pretteh.

1. [an Endless wallpaper]. Very colourful and heavily stylized. Personally, I'm not so fond of Desire here -- it's a pet peeve of mine that ze's shown as female most of the time, even though Desire being also male/both/neither is the point of it all -- and Destruction's white-ish hair and sunglasses distract me every time. On the other hand, I really like Death, with the uber-fluffy hair, and Delirium; so it evens out.

2. [Neil links to the most beautiful Dream doll I've ever seen]. The eyes. The cheekbones. The collarbones. Also, want. Guh. *brain function will be resumed shortly*

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