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That's not a typo. Thought I'd share some pictures of this project early. I'm still working on some details but I like what I've got so far. Introducing the Corinthian dollfie project, based on 2.0's design from Kiernan's "Souvenirs" arc.

Tossed in a close up of eyeteef! I sculpted them from clay and painted them in acrylics.

Sorry for the clutter eheh.
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... I am speechless.

I admit, the doll face desperately needs more cheekbones, but the rest of it... dude. DUUUDE.

*drools, then dies of envy* ;)

And I'd so use that for drawing references, it's much better than those stylized wooden puppets. :D
I knoooows they don't make manly dollfie sculpts ;-; Might have to blush his cheeks for the proper depth instead.

Fwee thanks! I'm glad you like him, I especially am fond of how his boots are right canon XD
That is fanatastic looking! You definitely do amazing work. :)
Aw I wish I could say I sculpted and sewed the entire thing. Really I just sculpted his eyes and customized a lot ^ ^;
He's wonderful! Please show us when you make more! :D
Thank you! John's next in line guaranteed, and I'm currently working on Daniel-O's clothes from the Furies mini XD
Wow! Astounding; you should send a picture to Neil
I blush just thinking about that n___n!
That? Is exquisite.

It's just gorgeous.
Awesome! Two great flavours that go togeth-- okay maybe not. XD Ah, but now you need to buy some eyes anyways just so Corinthian can lovingly fondle them. :}
This is definitely among the greater things I have Ever seen
Eeple~ Gorgeous!

Eyeteeth~! :happy dance:
I saw that and I actually went, "Oh My God. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!".


(relatively new to the fandom btw, but absolutely in love with it)

Eyeteeth! Jacket! Jeans! Boots! White hair! Shades! Sexay!